Animated Whiteboard Video

Introduce a problem. Then your solution. Wrap up with your logo. Dummies-proofed explainer video.

You will need:

You will need: Text 10 Icon-gallery 5 Video-camera 0

Choose another color and length version:

60 sec.

Introduce your idea, business, project or blog with this popular handwritten style illustrating in a whiteboard.

Lenght: 0:59

Photos needed: 4

Use it for:

  • Explain your idea

  • Introduce your business

  • Events

  • Promote a book

  • Bring users to your website

  • Create your elearning video

  • Google AdWords for video

  • Upload to your Facebook profile

  • Enrich your LinkedIn profile with video

  • Attach to your press releases

  • Much more...

You’ve got a great idea or business that needs to be explained in an easy and fast way. Make sure people understand what’s your company about and the value you add, summarizing your value proposition and the benefits of using your product in this template video optimized for that purpose.

How can I start creating my video?

Click the "customize now" button, and you’ll start editing all the template video sections. Next step will be to select the soundtrack you like the most and your video will be created within minutes.

Customizing this template is completely free. Only have to pay if you want the web quality version and without Videolean branding (watermark and closing). Enjoy the ride.