Top 10 List

Create a video of the top 10 things you want. Top 10 CEOs in your country, top 10 blog posts, top 10 products of the year,...

You will need:

You will need: Text 13 Icon-gallery 11 Video-camera 0

Choose another color and length version:

45 sec.

Summarize the 10 most popular things you want in a professional video.

Lenght: 0:50

Photos needed: 10

Use it for:

  • Summarize the 10 most popular blog post

  • Show the 10 most successful products of the year

  • Present the 10 speakers of your next event

  • Much more...

Most shared content on the internet normally includes a list of characters, products, tools, places, etc. Put all those elements together in a provessional video within minutes with Videolean.

How can I start creating my video?

Click the "customize now" button, and you’ll start editing all the template video sections. Next step will be to select the soundtrack you like the most and your video will be created within minutes.

Customizing this template is completely free. Only have to pay if you want the web quality version and without Videolean branding (watermark and closing). Enjoy the ride.