Youtube Intro & Outro

Get a pro-looking intro/outro with your logo animated in your Youtube videos.

You will need:

You will need: Text 2 Icon-gallery 1 Video-camera 0

Open and close your marketing videos with this elegant break-bumper to enhance your logo and your branding.

Duración: 0:10

Fotos necesarias: 1

Use it for:

  • Opening break-bumper

  • Closing bumper video

  • Shows your logo professionally animated on Youtube or LinkedIn campaigns

Opening and closing bumper videos are one of the most valuable elements for a brand. Very few businesses use them though, because they are expensive and hard to make. This template video lets you have a professional and extremely affordable animation you will only have to add at the beginning or ending of your marketing videos.

How can I start editing my video?

Click the "customize now" button, and you’ll start editing all the template video sections. Next step will be to select the soundtrack you like the most and your video will be created within minutes.

Customizing this template is completely free. Only have to pay if you want the web quality version and without Videolean branding (watermark and closing). Enjoy the ride.